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Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

The custom documentation site can be easily deployed on ​our cloud, your cloud, on-premises, and portable storage.

Site Customization

Complete Site Customization

QuickDraft customizes the look and feel of your documentation site.

As a technical writer, once you get the login credentials, all you have to do is start adding the topics.

In-App Experience

In-App Experience

With API integration, you can integrate the help into your product interface.

Block Editor

Block based Editor

Content blocks are independent elements that contain text, lists, notes, images, videos, tables, and much more. 

You can quickly move the blocks to restructure your topic and visualize it the way you want, without the need to cut-paste any content.

Version Control and Rollback

Version Control with Rollback

Instantly restore your documentation to earlier version.

Inline Reviews

Inline Reviews

No need to generate PDF or Word output for reviews. SMEs can directly add their comments in the topics.

IETM Ready for Defence

IETM Ready for Defence

The custom documentation site supports the IETM standard requirements for Defence documentation.

Key Features

The custom documentation site that we offer includes a full range of features that will help you 
create and publish your technical documentation.

User Management

Only authorized users can access the documentation

Private Topics

Make the entire documentation or a set of topics private and accessible only to the desired users

Advanced Search

Search the documentation by word, phrase, tag, or sentence, 

Instant / Scheduled Publishing

One-click instant publish, manual deferred publish, and auto-publish on schedule

Image Viewer

Zoom in and Zoom out the images and also view meta data


Hyperlink images, words, and icons to any internal topic or external resource

Image Hotspots

Include hotspots in product images or photos to view details for specific sections

In-line TOC

Easily navigate to headings inside a topic


Tag the topics to organize the content and access easily with a single click