How documentation can be left behind when the software industry has started practicing Shift-left, a new way to improve efficiency, throughput, and quality?

Infinity empowers you to practice Shift-left by starting to create documentation early in your product development life cycle. With Infinity, you don’t have to worry and plan about site design, version control, security, and the hosting of your online help. The writers can just log in and start writing – it’s that simple.

With the help of the built-in GoogleDocs-like commenting tool, reviews can be initiated as early as when the writers start “putting words on paper”. Reviews can run parallelly to the writing efforts, potentially eliminating the to and fro that happens when reviews are done through PDF via a ticketing system like JIRA.

Documentation updates and publishing in Infinity are instant, so you don’t have to use the painful process of rebasing, changing, and recommit as is required when using a docs-as-code toolset.

All in all, Infinity can help you practice Shift-left in the documentation process and reap the benefits of starting the documentation early, bake-in quality sooner, and publishing the documentation on time.

shift-left documentation