Cloud based platform for public or private online documentation


Here are some of the advantages of choosing INFINITY

INFINITY is hosted on Amazon Web Services giving you all the advantages of the world class cloud leader.

INFINITY is offered and managed by Technical Writers having 30+ years of practical experience creating documentation for various industries such as software, defence, and engineering.

INFINITY uses WordPress in the background, a content management system with 60% market share, and powering 35% of the world’s websites.

Why Infinity?

Simple, Powerful, and Cost Effective Cloud-Based Documentation Platform

Infinity is designed and developed by technical writers for technical writers. The platform comes with features we think are useful from our own experience working with different tools and outputs over these years. In the past we have used on-premises linear documentation or help authoring tools, DITA-XML based systems, other cloud-based documentation tools, and more recently the docs-as-code setup. But we have realized that doc teams and companies are always on the lookout for something easy to use, scalable, and available. Especially now that the world is moving to the cloud, a simple browser-based tool is desired, which is easy to use and allows one-click instant publishing of doc updates.

Infinity provides a simple yet powerful authoring environment which is better and cost effective than similar cloud-based platforms and on-premises tools available in the market.


Infinity provides the following benefits over traditional tools and doc environment

Clean and Simple Authoring

Infinity provides a clean and simple authoring environment that ensures instant adaptability and increased productivity of the writing team.


Instant Publishing

Instant publishing of any change big or small. No need to generate the entire output/build for every new change.

Single Platform

Single platform for authoring and publising content. No need to maintain and integrate different tools for authoring, version control, media storage, and server space for publishing.

Content Migration Add-on

You like INFINITY but are unsure about how you can migrate your existing content to the new platform. No worries! You can continue to work on new content and updates, while we do the migration for you.


Scheduled Publishing

Infnity comes with multiple publishing options: One-click instant publish, manual deferred publish, and auto-publish on schedule.

Better ROI

Infinity can provide a better return on investment in terms of time, technology, and the cost incurred on providing end user documentation to your customers.


INFINITY is a full-featured cloud-based help authoring platform with all the features necessary for creating and hosting your documentation

Customized Layout and Branding

Change the layout of your online help page as per your requirement. The online help look & feel can be customized to include your corporate logo and colors.

Advanced WYSIWYG Editor

Advanced visual editor with drag-n-drop blocks for content elements.

Peer Reviews

Peer review workflow to get your topics reviewed from fellow writers.

Broken Links Checker

Broken Link Checker monitors and tests all internal links & external links on your site looking for broken links. It helps you fix bad links to improve SEO and user experience.

Multi Project Support

Create help for multiple projects / products.

Responsive Design

The output can be comfortably viewed on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

Cross References

Cross references are key to an online topic based help authoring system. You can link external / internal topics to navigate the user from one topic to another.

Gather Customer Feedback

Take feedback from the readers in the form of:

  • Voting – yes /no
  • Discussion forums
PDF Output

Generate a well designed PDF output of one or more topics. The PDF will include your company logo and colors.


See how many people have read a topic. You can also see a list of popular and recently viewed topics.

Social Sharing

Share a topic on Social Media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You can share a topic via Email too.

Data Migration

We will help you migrate your existing content to Infinity, so that you can continue to work on documentation updates for new product releases.

Version Control for Rollback

We maintain past revisions of the topic. You can rollback to any revision to restore the contents. GitHub like revision comparison view is available.

Private Topics / Help

Mark topics as private. Private topics can only be accessed by logged in users. You can also password protect specific topics.

Daily Automatic Backups

Regular / Daily backups of the site ensures that there is a fallback in the time of crisis. We maintain the 10 last backups. 


Integration with CloudFlare CDN ensures the site loads fast for anyone across the globe. 


Provide access to your site via HTTPS.

+ Many More Features

Features included:

  • Variables and single sourcing of paragraphs, lists, commands, code blocks, images, videos, java script snippets, etc.
  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Spellcheck (native to the browser)
  • Text and Multimedia
  • Styles (H1, H2, H3.., Para, etc)
  • Context Sensitive Help with PermaLinks (Absolute URLs)
  • Custom 404 & Page redirects
  • SEO optimization (Heading based)

We will continue to add new features and enhancements.

Subscription Plan

$1500 per year

5 users


Daily backups

Unlimited topics

Unlimited page visits

Site Customization for Branding

20 GB SSD storage and is extensible

Training session to new writers joining your team

Interested in watching a demo and subscribing to INFINITY?

Contact us on: [email protected] | +91 9922113311 | +91 7588623823

Technical Writing

We provide various technical writing and allied services

End-user Documentation

Information that help users understand the application interface, features, and options, and configure the product effectively to meet their usecase.

These include user guides, admin guides, online help, video tutorials, and infographics.

Developer Documentation

Information that help developers understand specifications, requirements, features, APIs, SDK, architecture, Web services easily and integrate your services into their applications.

These include API guides, SDK documentation, database documentation, and product specifications.

Business Content

Information that helps businesses in marketing and showcasing their products and services.

These include presentations, proposals, catalogs, flyers, white papers, data sheets, blogs, and technical articles.


Technical Writers

We engage experienced technical/content writers on the projects.

Writers can be engaged in the following manner: full time / part time allocation, project based work.

If you subscribe for Infinity, we provide content migration services as an add-on service, so your writers can focus on the new features and not worry on the migration of old content.


Charudatta Mundale

He has 16 years of technical writing experience working on documentation for Software, Defense, and Engineering companies.

Ketan Sevekari

He has 14 years of experience working on documentation for Software companies, primarily those providing security solutions.